Need a Faith Boost?

My life has had enough trials, turns, tribulation, and trouble to know that we all need a faith boost from time to time. So whether you are here because you've lost your job, lost your friends , your relationships or perhaps you've lost your way it's my prayer that God gives you the grace to live through this season in your life. We all go through troubling times, but you are never alone God loves you, He is with you, after watching the videos I hope you'll take a moment and talk with Him. Nothing in your life has taken Him by surprise. He has known you since before the foundation of the world.....and yes, He is still calling your name.

Blessings and Peace,


Let's Talk About Wrath

January 20, 2023

This video is an impromptu discussion of my new novel Wrath. I talk  about the characters, their faith and moments ofredemption.

Moving day

January 20, 2023

My testimony about moving to Raleigh and how God took me through it.

Just Add Trouble

January 20, 2023

This video was shot as I sat in the hospital parking lot after visiting my son who was shot. If you really want to know what kind of faith you have...just add trouble.